OVPEDI – Manufacturing Extension Partnership

The Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC), in conjunction with the Illinois Innovation Network (IIN), is pleased to announce this funding opportunity. Funding for this program is from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and authorized by the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) under CFDA 11.611, Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

Successful applications will focus efforts on manufacturing, including program development and/or sector analysis. Projects under this program should focus on small to medium manufacturing (SMMs), which includes manufacturers that employ fewer than 500 people. Example themes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Operational efficiency;
  2. Industry/Manufacturing 4.0 (IOT, cybersecurity, integration of technological innovations);
  3. Manufacturing workforce services, including employee recruitment, retention, and development; and
  4. Supply chain management and resiliency.


Lead organizations eligible to apply include Illinois Innovation Network (IIN) Hubs (i.e. IIN institutions) and IMEC-affiliated institutions, i.e. Bradley University. Collaborative proposals are not required but are allowed; however, the lead institution must be either an IIN Hub or Bradley University. (for IIN institutions, can you add this URL: https://iin.uillinois.edu/hubs/)

  • Limit on number of applications per Principal Investigator: 1
  • Limit on number of applications per organization: Multiple submissions are allowed, provided each application is scientifically distinct.

PI Requirements

This program requires a 1:1 match. That is, the application must commit a matching amount for each awarded dollar awarded pursuant to this program. There are no restrictions on whether the source is in-kind or cash; however, unrecovered F&A costs cannot exceed 50% of the overall cost share/match amount. By proceeding, you confirm the following:

  1. This proposal (application) is submitted by and through an eligible institution (see Eligibility);
  2. The Lead PI is employed by and acting on behalf of this eligible institution;
  3. Neither the Lead PI or any other Co-PIs are listed as PI or Co-PI on any other proposal (application) to this program;
  4. This proposal (application) includes the necessary match (cost sharing); and
  5. You have read the notice of funding announcement and FAQs. (add hyperlink here for https://go.uillinois.edu/IINMEP)