NAGPRA Collection Use/Access Intake Form

The University of Illinois is committed to respectfully caring for collections which fall under NAGPRA while they are in our possession. As part of this commitment the NAGPRA Program Officer and Advisory Committee reviews requests to use and access NAGPRA collections.

The NAGPRA officer determines whether the request should be reviewed by the NAGPRA Advisory Committee. Applications are evaluated based on compliance with University NAGPRA policies and procedures, the nature of the proposed work, and the level of support from relevant Native Nations.

If you are unclear as to whether a collection is covered by campus NAGPRA policies and procedures, submit a request and the NAGPRA officer will confirm consistency with campus policy.

The NAGPRA Office will issue a decision regarding each request. Decisions will be issued within 30 days. Requests for expedited review with a shorter timeline will be considered.

To appeal a decision, email the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation .

PI Requirements

PIs must be current students, faculty, or staff at UIUC. External PIs should contact to request an external login profile.