Academic Professional Development Fund

The Office of the Provost and the Council of Academic Professionals (CAP) thank the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research in hosting the online application for the Academic Professional Development Fund (APDF). APDF provides a source of funds for academic professional staff members (permanent/non-visiting) to take advantage of professional development opportunities. The Office of the Provost provides up to $50,000 per fiscal year in APDF awards.

What is asked of the units?

The APDF is a supplemental fund and is not intended to be the only source of funding for academic professional development. It is expected that the units will share the cost of these professional development opportunities. A matching contribution from the applicant’s unit is required.

How will the APDF be dispensed and how much will be given?

  • The applications for funding will be reviewed by representatives of the Council of Academic Professionals and the Office of the Provost.
  • Each academic professional staff member shall be eligible to receive a maximum of one award every two fiscal years.
  • Individual awards will not exceed $500, unless there are unusual circumstances.


APDF support is limited to academic professional staff (permanent/non-visiting) with appointments of 50% or more.

The awards may be used for:

  • Conference/Seminar/Workshop registration fees, either on or off campus
  • Airfare
  • Reimbursement of automobile mileage
  • Taxis/Trains/Buses/Subways
  • Business Expenses (telephone calls, faxes, etc.)
  • Toll road charges/Parking charges
  • Meals/Lodging

Applicant Requirements

  • Application for funding must be received a minimum of two weeks prior to the event taking place in order for the application to be considered by the review committee.
  • The applicant must demonstrate in writing how the APDF will enhance job performance.
  • Applications for awards shall be submitted on the attached forms.
  • Once approval is received from the Provost’s Office and the applicant’s conference/seminar/workshop has taken place, the department will be reimbursed for the amount approved with a budget transfer. Please have the department’s business manager send an email to Office of the Provost ( and including state or ICR C-FOAPAL for the expenses relating to the applicant’s conference/seminar. (Departments should receive a response within two weeks.)
  • If there are any questions about the APDF please contact Teresa Harvey, Illinois Human Resources, at 265-0020 or