DPI-Fermilab Research Partnership on Computing and Data Technologies Seed Grant Awards 2024

The Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) and Fermilab invite faculty from the University of Illinois System (DPI, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Illinois at Springfield, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and researchers from Fermilab to submit seed grant proposals to conduct joint research on computing and data technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, machine learning, cybersecurity, pattern recognition). Our goal is to leverage the complementary research expertise and resources from both organizations to develop the next generation of computing and data technologies with inspiring impacts on science, the economy, and society.

Proposals should demonstrate the ability to advance fundamental knowledge in research on computing and data technologies with potential for industry application in one or more of the following sectors:

  • Digital Government
  • Energy
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Health and Wellness
  • Information Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation / logistics
  • Water, environment, climate

For questions and inquiries about this Call, please reach out to venkat@uillinois.edu with a copy to msilva@uillinois.edu.

You can read the full Call for Proposals at https://dpi.uillinois.edu/dpi-fermilab-research-partnership-2024/


Each proposal must include at least two and no more than six senior research personnel with a maximum of three from each organization, plus any number of other personnel. One of the senior research personnel from each organization will serve as a principal investigator (PI), with the other serving as a Co-PI. The senior research personnel must have at least a 0.5 FTE appointment with the University of Illinois System or Fermilab. All members must be current employees of one of these two organizations.

A project team must contain Fermilab researchers, but proposal submission must be performed by the University of Illinois faculty or staff member due to system requirements. Therefore, a University of Illinois faculty or staff must be listed as the PI for the purposes of proposal submission, but the project can be led by a PI from the University of Illinois or Fermilab.

PI Requirements

  • The PI and his/her unit are fully responsible for any overages if the funding request is calculated incorrectly
  • The PI is responsible for consulting with the relevant offices and meeting all requirements
  • To the best of the PI's knowledge, all the information provided in the application is correct.