2022 DPI-Argonne Research Partnership in Computing Applications

The Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) and Argonne National Lab (Argonne) invite faculty from the University of Illinois System (DPI, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Illinois at Springfield, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), researchers from Argonne, and other institutions to submit seed grant proposals to conduct joint research on topics outlined below. Our goal is to leverage the complementary research expertise and resources from both organizations to develop the next generation of technologies with inspiring impacts on science, the economy, and society.

Proposals should demonstrate the ability to advance fundamental knowledge in research technologies, including those in computing and data, with potential for industry application in one or more of the following sectors:

  • Energy-Water-Food Nexus
  • Energy Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Climate and Sustainability

Proposals should draw upon the advances in technologies, including the applications of data analytics or computing technologies, to problems facing these sectors in order to address important societal challenges in the Chicago area and beyond. We encourage applicants to consider impact from their work on underrepresented communities in the Chicago area. We expect proposals to be interdisciplinary and substantially well-rounded to address the broader aspects and impacts of the problems tackled – for example, through the active participation of researchers from the social sciences and humanities, art, design, education, law, or public policy.

Note that only University of Illinois faculty can submit through this system so it should be submitted by the University of Illinois System Lead.

If you have any questions please visit the program website or reach out to Michael Fitzsimons at fitzm@uillinois.edu.


  • A minimum of two researchers with at least one member from the University of Illinois System and one from Argonne. Proposed teams are encouraged to include members from multiple partner universities or other organizations. You are not limited in the number of senior personnel. The team must have at least one member with a 0.5 FTE appointment on a University of Illinois campus and one member with a 0.5 FTE appointment at Argonne./li>
  • Focus on the application of technologies, including computing technologies such as analytics, big data, edge/IoT, or cybersecurity & privacy to one of the following sectors:
    • Energy-Water-Food Nexus
    • Energy Infrastructure and Transportation
    • Climate and Sustainability
  • Economic impact and Commercialization potential. The project should address DPI and Argonne’s goals of economic impact. We expect teams to be interested in realizing the commercial potential of their research, however, no prior experience in commercialization is expected.
  • Proposes broader Impacts to benefit the Chicago area or Illinois. This could include meaningful external engagement with private, public, or non-profit entities in underserved communities. One example could be working with local high school or community college students.
  • Potential for future external funding. The project should lay the groundwork for the submission of external grant applications and/or proposals for industry-funded R&D partnerships. Priority will be given to teams that propose specific large grants that they hope to pursue in the coming year.
  • Proposed team’s distinction and leadership in the field.
  • Project feasibility in the timeframe that is provided.
  • Budget accurately reflects the needs of the proposed activities.

PI Requirements

  • The PI and his/her unit are fully responsible for any overages if the funding request is calculated incorrectly
  • The PI is responsible for consulting with the relevant offices and meeting all requirements
  • To the best of the PI's knowledge, all the information provided in the application is correct.